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Duties of a Student - fairyage

                                                DUTIES OF A STUDENT

Students are the greatest asset of a nation. They have unlimited energy and enthusiasm for greater tasks. They have always taken part in social service and other activities of noble cause. Students enjoy many rights and facilities in their institutions. So Alongwith the rights, there lie some responsibilities and duties as well.

A student has to perform his duties both inside the college and outside when he is in contact with common people. Inside the institution a student must observe, the discipline and college in any way. He should not only observe the discipline himself, but should also encourage other students to do so.

A student should always be respectful towards his teachers. The teachers are the people who guide him to lead a successful life in future. So he should always seek guidance from them. If a student is given some home work, he should complete it within the given time. He must attend his classes regularly. Before coming to the class, a student should be prepared of the lesson that is to be taught in the class. In this way he can ask questions during the lectures.

A student should also co-operate with his fellow-students. A good student always gives a helping hand to his juniors. He never discourage them. A student should wear simple dress. He should appear neat and clean. Good students always keep their surroundings neat and clean.

A good student should be aware of the value of the practical work. Knowledge for its own sake is never useful unless it is utilised in practice. So it is the duty of a student use his knowledge in practical life.

It is also one of the duties of a student that alongwith his studies, he should take part indifferent co-curricular activities. He should spend some time in playing different sorts of games. A student should never take part in negative politics. He should not become a tool in the hands of professional politicians. It is his duty to discourage other students to go on strikes, he should not co-operate with the people who are busy in some harmful activities for the institution.

A student's conduct out-side his college shows his true nature. He can display his abilities in the society. He should respect his parents and the other aged people of the society.

As the students are energetic and enthusiastic, they are always ready to work under good leadership. In theis respect, it is the duty of a student to take part in social work activities under the guidance of good people. He can work with some N.G.O.

A student has ample free time during summer vacation. He can utilize this time for the betterment of the society. He can make programmes with his fellow students to work for social service. He should also take part in adult literacy campaign by teaching at least one person. He can also develop a sense of responsibility among the masses and thus can do a great service for the whole community.

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