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Why boys fail in COLLEGE

                                 WHY BOYS FAIL IN COLLEGE

The college-going age of a student is very sensitive. It is during this period that he makes or mar his career. The writer of this essay examines the factors which cause failure among boys in college.

According to him, there are two main categories of such students: those who try, and , those who do not try.

Many boys are serious in their studies, but they fail because of nervousness. They sit down to work but waste all the time in useless activities like sharpening the pencils and arranging the things. Others can point out this problem but solution lies with the boy himself. He should try to do away his nervous habits.

A common cause of failure is a mistaken ambition for the boy on the part of his parents. They want their son to be a doctor, an engineer or a dentist whereas the boy has other interests. As a result he loses interest in what has been imposed on him.

This not fair. The boy must be free to choose the subject of his own choice. The writer invited the enmity the parents by pointing out the problem. But later they thanked the writer for his good advice.

Another type of boy who does not try is the "bright boy". He is overconfident and thinks college work as easy as that of a school. He does not work regularly. By the end of the academic session, things go beyond his control and he fails despite having the best potential. It is very tragic to see his failure. The cure of this thing is not easy. The boys needs to change his habits and no one can do this but the boy himself.

The problem of health also plays  a havoc with a student: Tuberculosis, bad tonsils, sleeping sickness, poor digestion and various form of other mental and physical ailment damage his performance badly. The solution of this problem lies in proper health care.

Parents and college-authorities must be alive to this problem. There should be periodical medical check-ups so that the victim could get timely treatment and save himself from disaster.

Learning with earning is extremely difficult. There are boys who are forced to bear their own expenses. A boy who does some part-time job cannot concentrate on his academic work. Consequently he fails. This is miserable the boy did not ask his parents to bring him into the world. They are responsible for his being here. So it is their duty to bear the expenses of education of their son. However, for some genuine case, there should be scholarships and stipends to lessen the financial burden.

Some boys are more attracted to sports and so-called literary activity. They must think as to what the college is for. Their first and for most duty is to study. If they are too much interested in these sideshows, they should become professionals.

A few lazy bluffers have no serious aim. They not only deceive their parent but also themselves. They are incorrigible. Such rotten eggs should be thrown out of the college. Bitter experience of life will teach them a lesson.

No doubt, it is a very informative essay. Students can benefit a lot from it. Besides, a teacher can save the boys from failure by pointing out their problems.

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